Urgent Care Centers

Urgent Care Centers for After-Hours Care

About Urgent Care

There is never a convenient time to get sick. That’s why AppleCare Medical Group offers you a choice of Urgent Care Centers for when you need care outside of your doctor’s normal office hours—such as in the evenings or on weekends. These convenient health clinics will typically provide care for you more quickly since hospital emergency rooms treat people based on the severity of the illness, not the time of arrival. So if you have a situation that is urgent but not life-threatening, visit any of the Urgent Care Centers listed below. Don’t forget about the AppleCare owned, Immediate Care locations.

Urgent care hours are normally 6 pm – 9 pm, Monday-Friday with weekend availability. Please call first to verify the times and locations of these centers.

To get service, all you need to do is show your insurance card. The co-pay is usually the same as your doctor’s office visit co-pay amount—which is usually considerably less than that of a more costly emergency room visit.

Care on the Go

With AppleCare, you can get the care you need the way you want it for urgent health issues.

Urgent Care Centers