Our Mission, Vision and Values

AppleCare Medical Group, part of OptumCare™, is about doing the right thing for patients. Together, we’re changing the world of health care. We’re making it simpler, smarter and easier. We’re bringing doctors and patients together in new ways. Most importantly, we’re helping people get the unique health care they deserve.

Our Mission

Make high quality and affordable health care convenient for residents of the local communities we serve.

Our Vision

Strive to provide the highest quality medical care through medical expertise, innovation, and a passion for keeping our patients healthy and maintaining the lifestyle they desire.

Our Values

First and foremost, always put the patients’ needs first.

We Value

  • Knowing our patients and communities
  • Supporting the provider/patient relationship
  • The trust of our providers
  • Offering accessible, affordable, and high quality, care

As we at AppleCare Medical Group create a new kind of care, we have high expectations for the way we do it.

We strive to give selflessly, innovate endlessly, and always collaborate. We take responsibility and demand quality. Above all else, we care about people, their health, and their happiness.

Affirmative statement regarding utilization management (UM) decision-making

  • UM decision making is based only on appropriateness of care and services under coverage guidelines. Delegate’s financial incentives for UM decision makers does not encourage decisions that result in underutilization.
  • AppleCare Medial Group does not specifically reward practitioners, UM decision makers, or other individuals for issuing denials of coverage, service of care, or financial incentives.